Products & Features

Gravity Separators

  • The most accurate and efficient dust-free separator available
  • Complete & Accurate product density classification
  • Many options and modifications are available

Screen Separators

  • produces accurate, high-capacity separations for the most demanding processing
  • constructed with greater strength and durability than any previous screener
  • many options and modifications are available


  • Pressure-Type: Open Deck & The Fan Placed Inside the Box
  • Vacuum-Type: Completely enclosed with a fan mounted away
  • Many options & modifications are available


  • All-Steel Construction
  • Settling Chamber & Exhaust Fan
  • Variable Speed Drive

Inertia Screeners

  • Straight-line reciprocating motion for maximum efficiency
  • Self-cleaning screens
  • Available with food grade stainless steel construction

Natural Frequency Conveyors

  • Vibratory conveyors are manufactured out of carbon or stainless steel


  • Airwash your product completely, quickly and simply
  • unique design all but eliminates making adjustments
  • minimum installation costs and maintenance


  • available in either clockwise or counterclockwise rotation