3-Deck Series

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The Forsberg’s 3-Screen Separator is a positive eccentric, high-speed, vibrating screener which ensures accurate, high capacity and high quality separations. Shown is Model 510 Screener. The Forsberg’s 3-Deck Screen Separators are the four-bearing type. By incorporating outboard bearings mounted in an isolation housing and inboard bearings mounted in screener body, a positive eccentricity motion is achieved regardless of load on the screen. Adjustable feed hopper assures consistent supply of product onto the screener. By maintaining proper feed, you can achieve the best separation possible. Easy screen removal! Any of the three screens can be changed without loosening the adjacent one. The screen support grids require no holddowns. The ball compartments are incorporated into the screen support grids for addition of ball cleaners, if required.

Right now 3-Deck Series are working throughout the world