Model 15D Impact Huller

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The Forsberg’s Impact Huller provides efficient, thorough hulling of sunflower seeds and oats for further separation of hulls and meats. Simple, accurate control features place the operator in total control of the hulling operation. The product is fed into the inlet where it enters the impeller wheel through the feed control pipe. Accurate crank adjustment of the feed control determines the thoroughness of the hulling operation. The centrifugal force of the rotating impeller wheel drives the product against the hulling ring. Both the impeller and hulling ring are constructed of a durable boralloy steel for wear resistance. 15-d-desc From the hulling chamber, the hulled product and any dust that has accumulated, enters the cyclone and is discharged out the bottom for further handling and processing. The air that is used is retained in the machine and continually recycled.
Moisture, temperature and density play an important role in hulling efficiency. Product should be uniformly sized prior to hulling for best

Right now Model 15D Impact Huller are working throughout the world